We Are Taking Care Of Your Jewellery

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Gold is expensive / shiny yellow colord metter it is basically used for adornment as well as investment..


Like gold it is very reactive to chemical. Hence it needs special care and needs to be repolished frequently.

White Gold

Certain alloy produce white gold with slight yellow tint. Such jewellery should be repolished and replated with time.

Diamond Jewellery

As a matter of fact diamond is most durable material. But grease wax or dirt around diamond and behind it cases loss of brilliance. Such jewellery should be kept in cold soap situation for a night and on the most day clean it with old tooth brush or is possible take ii for ultrasonic cleaning.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl is very porous an might absorb oil an other chemicals present In our perspiration. For preserving it clean and it day about use it is Achaia to get it professionally cleaned by professionals but do not try to do it on your own as it may harm your pearl.

Coral Amber

These are very delicate materials so they should be fitted in such as way that it should come in minimum friction.


It is also very delicate material it get easily dhyelratid, which might produce crashes and turns brower.to prevent this get them coated.


Like ivory opal also tends to get dehydrated and loose all its beauty and develop cracks. So the best way to preserve it is to wear it. If imat,than keep it under water.

Gem Stones

There are many colored stones. Many gems are treated also.so the care of gemstones becomes tricky. We suggest you to consult any gemologist for that or else you may damage the stone or the entire stone will be gone daring process.

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